34 week update

Hello week 34! Today was a pretty productive/interesting visit with my midwife. Some info. on my chart had gotten mixed up somehow, so today's visit was (they thought) my 36 week appointment where they do those oh-so-fun cultures. However, when my midwife measured me and said, "You're right on track. 36." I said, "36? I'm only 34 weeks!" This led to looking over my info. and sure enough, somewhere along the way, I had been bumped up. Maybe it wasn't a coincidence.... :)

Anyway, my stats as of today are as follows:

Weight Gain Total: Approx. 25 pounds

Blood Pressure: Fantastic - 91/62 today, which is even kind of low for me, but I was still half asleep

Stretch Marks: No new ones to report. So far, I've avoided them with this pregnancy. I got plenty with Ayden's, so I'm not complaining one bit. I wouldn't trade them in for the world, though....

Measurements: As mentioned above, I'm 34 weeks and measuring close to/right at 36. Yeah...like I said, maybe it wasn't a coincidence that they had me as being further along.... When she said 36, my mind immediately jumped to, "What!? That means he could likely be here in 3 weeks!" I panicked for about 1.5 seconds.

Collen's Measurements: Estimated weight - around 5.5 - 6 pounds. Again...I'm hoping the 36 week measurement is an indicator that he will decide to come early. Because, really, if he holds out for 6 more weeks....we're looking at a ten pounder and a mom who is going to be a nervous wreck if he is allowed to get that big! There's nothing wrong with a big baby. I just have fears of them letting him get that big because they start to run out of room, amniotic fluid gets low, and bad things can happen.....I can't even think about it....

Collen's Position: ? My midwife couldn't say one way or the other whether she thought he was head down or not. I had secretly been wondering the same thing, but when we did the 4D ultrasound, he was head down, and everything still feels the way it did then. However, I have noticed that the "butt" that I think I feel at the top of my belly seems somewhat big for a baby butt. If we're still not sure next time, we'll do a quick sneak peek to make sure he's positioned correctly.

Heart Rate: Consistently in the 150s and sounding strong and beautiful.

It's funny what comes to mind when you find out certain things or are faced with possible scenarios. When she mentioned that he could be in a breech position, my first thought was, "No....not a c-section!! They cost more!" Of course, that is a fleeting thought. If he does turn out to be breech and we do have to do a c-section, that will be more than okay. But, in the moment, it's funny what you're mind jumps to.

All in all, everything is looking good, and I avoided the cultures for today. I already know that I am a carrier of Strep B, so there shouldn't be any surprises. I am so intrigued by Collen's size and growth. I know there is only so much you can tell from the outside, so I can't wait to actually SEE how big he is. If we do an ultrasound next time, I'm sure we'll get a good idea of his size. He seems like he is going to be a bit bigger than Ayden. Ayden wasn't tiny, either, though.


We had a girl's day today with my uncle's wife (the uncle who is home from Korea but soon to be going to Germany), and we took her out for lunch (Cheesecake Factory - mmmmm), and then we went to the Patsy Aiken Outlet. Oh wow....talk about cuteness. We found some adorable outfits for Collen for next summer. I even found one for this Christmas. They were selling this past year's styles at outlet prices - 75%, 65%, 35% off. So, if you got lucky, you could find some good deals. Take a look at some of the outfits Collen scored today (thanks to Grandma of course!)

Blue Stripe Romper

Swim Trunks and TShirt

I'm a sucker for seersucker - he got both of these...one with a sailboat and one with his initials. (Post Edit Comment - I agree....there's just something so completely adorable about a shirtless little boy in an overall, sleeveless romper.)

Lime Romper

If these hadn't been on sale, we wouldn't have looked twice. I can't wait to see Collen in these, though. He's going to be such a dapper, handsome little man. ;)

Not much longer. I'll be sure to keep you updated....



  1. sounds to me like its time to start out virtual pool for when baby Collen arrives!! let me know and i will get it started for you! :)

  2. I loved the little seersucker rompers on Silas too! I think little boys in the little sleeveless one-piece get ups are adorable.

    I'm very happy for you guys right now. Praying that God will allow you to rest easy; knowing that he has perfect timing and will keep you snug in his arms.

  3. Love the sweet little outfits and all the wonderful news for his appointment!!! WOW....he's almost here!!! HOORAY!!!!