Jonah and Ayden

Jonah belongs to two dear friends of ours - Patrick and Anna

Jonah and Ayden were going to be the best of buddies.
We made so many plans for the two of them before they were even here.
Ayden joined us before Jonah did, and we couldn't wait for them to meet.
Somehow, I think they did meet....we just didn't introduce them.
Jonah will always know Ayden - thanks to his parents, who love our son so very much.
Thank you, Anna.
We love you, Jonah!



  1. Oh my..I hadn't been reading blogs for awhile, so I had to catch up with yours.
    I was going to put below Jonah's picture with Ayden's name that I truly think they have already met each other. Although physically they never touched, I think their souls did. I remember holding Ayden at McAlisters Deli, eating "Your Perfect Cake". Jonah was right there, too. Who knows what those two will say when we all reunite in heaven.
    We love you, Lindsay, Jeremy, Ayden, and Collen!

  2. I found your blog through random clicking and links from my sisters blog, and this blog really hit home with me. When I found out I was pregnant with my son, I couldn't wait for him to join the world, he and my nephew were only going to be 4 months apart.
    When my nephew passed away, and my son was born a week later, I felt that somehow, Jackson did meet him before either of them ever joined us on this earth.