Sharing Pregnancy

When we found out we were pregnant, back in December, we had several friends also trying to become pregnant. We kind of led the pack from there. A couple months later, I had 6...I kid you not...SIX friends find out they were pregnant and due in November. Below are two of the six who are expecting in November.

Megan (left) and Lauren (right) are both around 25 weeks pregnant and also expecting boys - Isaac and Davis. And then there's the 35 weeks. (This was taken today at a wedding) Collen's going to lead the way and the rest of the little ones will follow soon after. Please say a little prayer for all of these little lives soon to join us all.



  1. That is so cool. I also have a few friends that I am sharing this pregnancy with. But I am very very close to the few that also suffered a loss last yr just as we did. Expecting rainbow babies together helps calm my nerves and reminds me how amazing our God is. COngrats to all of you

  2. You all look great. I'm praying for healthy babies for all.

  3. I've always found it fun to be pregnant with others you know!

  4. What three beautiful pregnant mommies, especially the one in the middle :)