And it continues to get interesting around here...

Well....a lot has happened in the past 2 days.

Everything was setting up nicely for us to be able to move into our new house today or tomorrow. Timing was going to work out need for storage...just pack it all up and move it to another location....and then settle in to a new house.

Then, the inspection. Everything looked great on the inside and the outside of the house. I was there to follow the inspector around so he could point everything out to me, and was so minimal. I was thinking, "Awesome! Little to be done....this is great!" Well, unfortunately, when he went under the house, he had to terminate his inspection. I won't go into detail on what he found because I don't want to in any way deter others from looking at the house. The issues are fixable, but we were not comfortable with moving forward with it. We had to take short term and long term situations into consideration, and for us we just didn't feel good about proceeding.

So, since Tuesday, we have been running around trying to tie up loose ends on the contract side of things while also arranging for storage for our stuff. We will be staying with my parents for a little while...until things are settled with another house. We close on our house on Friday, so we have to have our stuff out by Friday morning at closing. That means tomorrow is moving day! It has all been thrown together, and our families have been gracious enough to work out their schedules so they could be here to help. I tell has been a mad house around here.

It's all going to be okay, though.

I'm having mixed feelings about leaving our house. I knew I would. I love our house. It's our first home. This is where we got our first puppy (Tucker) and where we held small group Bible studies. This is Ayden's home...the only home he ever knew. So many wonderful and tragic memories are held in this house. If we could pick it up and move it somewhere else, I think we'd live in it forever. It'll be hard to say goodbye...especially without a clear understanding of where we go next (as far as a home for us), but we know God is working it all out.

Oh...and Jeremy starts back to work on Monday. Sheesh....



  1. I'm praying for THE PERFECT house to throw itself in your path!!!! Bless your heart...your sense of calm is just amazing!!!!

    Give Collen some love pats for us!!

    BTW--if one was to send something for Collen, where would one send it? :)

  2. When we left Greenville for Lexington, KY, we were in a very similar boat. We had one week til closing (on the sale of our house) and no clear direction on where we were going. I wasn't pregnant, but our kids were 2 1/2 and 2 months at the time. We were waiting for confirmation on a job offer, but had to be out of our house! So, on faith, we hired the moving van anyway. Two weeks later, everything had fallen into place and we were off on a completely new journey. Praying for you guys! Excited to see your next chapter unfold too.

  3. Please, just don't find a donkey to ride on and a manger for Collen!

    I can't believe the situation you are in, the walk of faith, but all things work for the good of God, so keep trusting. You are going to have such stories to tell Collen.

    I just keep praying for you. Knowing you will be surrounded, literally, by family at this time is actually quite need for speed dial.

    Thank goodness for home inspections, you certainly don't need any additional stresses. Your perfect home is out there waiting and you will find it.