C-h-a-o-s spells moving!

In 2 days, with my mom's help, we have managed to pack up almost our entire house. The woman is an energizer bunny. She came in on a mission, and boy did she accomplish it! I don't know what we would have done without her. She gave up most of her week off of work to come help us pack up our house. How blessed are we?!

Below are pictures of our progress.

Our closest - mostly cleaned out. Shelves empty, floor visable, and my hospital bag waiting to be completely packed.
View of dining room/kitchen from our room

Kitchen - Pots, pans, dishes, everything all packed up....

Living room - Tucker isn't handling all of this too well. Anything that isn't "routine" or "in place" really bothers him. He gets used to the boxes, and then we will move some of them so they aren't "where they were" and it takes him all day to get used to the change. He's pitiful...

Looking through living room to kitchen

"Tucker's Room" - now the overflow room

Hallway from Tucker's room

Hall Bathroom

Ayden's room - probably the neatest of all the rooms. Everything is packed - most boxes packed incredibly delicately. Strict instructions have been placed on the items that come out of this room. Most boxes are not to be transported without myself or Jeremy in close proximity. We can't chance something happening to any of it...

To the far right are Collen's things for the hospital. His bag is packed and ready to go :)

A sad and exciting sight all at one time...
We still aren't sure of a timetable for moving into the new house. We do know that we're shooting for a closing date sometime in the week of August 15th. We are waiting to hear about possibly renting the house starting as early as the middle of next week. We're learning that there is a lot of waiting involved in this process, so we're just trying to be as patient and hopeful as possible.
Thank you for keeping us close in thought and prayer. Keep 'em coming.....



  1. moving is such a pain, and it makes a huge difference to have you help someone with it. wishing you everything goes as smoothly as possible!

  2. Brace your heart.

    Moving can trigger grief, and that's ok, don't be too alarmed.

    You have so much to journey through in the next month or so. I hope you have lots of folks on speed dial.

    Equilibrium, joy and grief, old and new, fear and faith.... Life is rich because of all of it.

    I am joyfully looking forward to hearing of your settling into your new home and of course "meeting" Collen.

    Thank you for trusting us to share your sorrows and joys.

    Remembering Ayden.


  3. John and I were talking about you guys last night and how much was going on for you all at the same time and how you guys must just be on guard every second because there's so much that can bring on a memory or cry. I think that once all is said and done and you are somewhat settled, you'll look back and wonder how in the world you were able to do all of this and keep your sanity!

    And you'll be able to smile and know that you were being held in His hands the whole time!!

  4. Yuck, I moved while pregnant, also when Jack was three months old. Not fun! Wish I could help y'all!

  5. We moved last summer when I was in the third trimester, so I have a bit of an idea of what you're facing with all the work, frustration, and overwhelming nature of some tasks (not to mention the heat). Definitely keeping you in my thoughts (especially since reading your post from the 21st) and hoping all works out like you want it to.