26, 27, 28


Happy Birthday to this guy.......

Jeremy turns 27 today. He keeps talking about how close to 30 it is. I don't feel like we're that close to 30, but 3 years is pretty close. We have celebrated birthdays together since we were seniors in high school, so this marks the 9th birthday I've celebrated with him. He's definitely worth celebrating. And although neither one of us feels much like celebrating anything these days, I hope he enjoys today. He deserves it. Let me share some things with you about Jeremy.
1. He appears quiet and reserved. Those of us who know him best know better....
2. He loves football, and he is an awesome coach. He knows what he's talking about.
3. He loves kids. He is so good with kids. When I first saw him interact with kids, I knew right away that he was going to be a wonderful dad....and he is.
4. He is very patient with me. I can't say he is patient in every area of his life (driving.....), but when it comes to me, he is patient, kind, and compassionate. I love that about him.
5. He is corny and sappy. He laughs at his own jokes and will buy the sappiest card in the store for me. I love both of these traits.
6. He's a thinker and a ponderer. He is married to an impulsive woman who doesn't think much before she does anything. Imagine how that goes sometimes....
7. He loves his family and mine. He truly cherishes the family he has around him.
8. He is protective of my sister.....so watch out.
9. He has a big, tender heart and is willing to help anyone who needs it.
10. He loves his son....so much that I can see the pain in his eyes. I know when he is thinking of Ayden; I can see it. We may not talk about it much because we are both reserved when it comes to grief, but we know each other so well that we don't have to talk all the time about it. This affects him just as harshly as it affects me, and although he may not be as vocal about it as I am, it's there.

There is so much more I could tell you about Jeremy. He is a great guy, and I'm so blessed to have him in my life. I've thought a lot about "what if things had been different." Would this have happened IF..... and then I realize, we were brought together for this reason. God knew it 9 years ago when we met. He knew it when we were both born. He knew we would need each other. I can't get angry at God for his timing and for giving us Ayden when he did because if it had been any other month, we wouldn't have been given Ayden. It would have been a completely different child. We couldn't have asked for a sweeter, more perfect baby.
Jeremy is an awesome dad. To see him with Ayden just lit up my day....and Ayden's. Ayden had a connection with Jeremy that he and I didn't have. It was just different. I was his source of comfort and that sweet, cuddly mommy/baby love. Daddy/baby love is different but just as sweet. They had a playful relationship. Jeremy could get Ayden so excited and so happy. He could make him laugh and smile like I never could. Ayden would sit in Jeremy's lap and just "talk" to him....babbling on and on.....and Jeremy would just listen and talk back. Ayden thought it was the greatest. People tell me all the time that Ayden looks just like me. He may look a lot like me in the face, but everywhere else....he's Jeremy. He has big hands and feet (he never wore newborn size shoes...his feet were too big from the get-go) just like Jeremy. He has a long torso and high chest, just like Jeremy. He is laid back and easy going.....like Jeremy.
Jeremy and I have been through so many ups and downs together, and we've always pushed through together. This isn't something we ever anticipated, but we know that together, we'll make it through. I don't tell him enough how thankful I am for him, but I hope he knows. I love him more every day, and I truly don't know what I would do without him.
I titled this post "26, 27, 28" because those are our birthdays - mine is April 26, Ayden's is April 27, and Jeremy's is November 28. When Ayden was born, we realized that our birthday dates have an order....with Ayden in the middle....as he should be. We love that we share this with him.

Happy Birthday Jeremy! I love you and am so thankful for you. Ayden loves you, too and is so proud of his Daddy!



  1. Happy Birthday. You are so Christfully handsome. I think I just made up (or spelled wrong) that word. I can see in your eyes and posture that God is in you, that your purpose here is such a meaningful, if not hard at times one. God never said life would be easy and he doesn't want us to suffer, though the Bible says those of us who suffer have a different (better, or something, don't remember exactly but that sounds off) out come when we go to him. I Prayed before bed last night for a new purpose, as I have troubles now, though I dearly love Christ and trust him. I woke today with a new purpose, though my body still won't agree so maybe its here on the internet. I won't give up. I Promise. Please have a Blessed day, and I hope this day goes by with memories you can cling to even in the midst of all the pain. God Bless you always, In Christs love, xoxo, Kandi Ann

  2. Hope you had a very happy day, Jeremy! We love you! (Nate and Kelly)

  3. Happy Birthday Jeremy - what beautiful words Lindsay.

  4. This made me tear up a little. Because I know he's a great guy. He was patient with all of us in his class when he did his Internship....No way did I deserve the patience he gave me when I was in his class, or the time he spent trying to help me after school. I can't believe that was five years ago....but I'm blessed to call him a friend now instead of just my teacher. haha

  5. Happy belated birthday Jeremy.

    Thinking and praying for y'all - Kelley