Fondant Cake: Part Three

Well, my fondant cake-making venture has come to an end. A successful end. It's not perfect by any means, but it's my FIRST try, and I'm proud of myself. I can't say I didn't get frustrated, but I didn't get as frustrated as I might have normally. It was hard, but I have to say I enjoyed it. Below are pictures from today and then the finished product. Next time around, I will practice my writing skills before decorating a cake! That's the only part I don't like.....

Jeremy is happy with it, and he can't wait to eat it. I could have gone out and bought a cake, and it would have been close to perfect. But I did this for him...for his day....and I did it by myself (well, I had a little help....). As long as he likes it, I'm happy.

Prepping for rolling out the fondant

Rolling - MUCH harder than I thought it would be

Didn't get a picture of me actually putting the fondant on the cake. That was the hardest part. It tore a little, but I was able to cover it up pretty well.

Pretty yellow dots :)

Starting to come together

Finished product - a girly football cake

Thank you to my mom for helping me with this part.....definitely needed more than 2 hands!

And a special touch on the back.
He will always share every holiday, birthday, celebration with us....



  1. wow, i'm really impressed! we'll talk next time i need a cake :)

  2. What an awesome cake! You did a fabulous job. Happy Birthday to Jeremy.

  3. you did great! Especially considering it was your first.

  4. Wow! That is one heck of a cake! Way to go! ;-) You make it look easy...while I am sure it is nothing but!

    I hope Jeremy has a great birthday! ;)

  5. that looks good enough to eat! Really, looks like you did a great job.

  6. That's a great cake! I'm sure he loved it! Keep practicing, pretty soon people will be paying you $ for cakes! ;)

  7. That is an awesome cake! Great job!!

  8. Oh, wow! That cake was amazing! I honestly would have never known it didn't come from a bakery. You've inspired me to try making one! :) Thinking of you and continually praying for you!

    Amanda Murray