An accidental artist

My sister and I were recently visiting the Christian bookstore and stumbled across a new little place called The Accidental Artist. Shops have been opening and closing in this shopping center, so we just looked past this one. It's a place where you can go and paint pottery. You pay a studio fee and you pay for the piece you paint, BUT the piece I painted would have easily cost twice as much if I bought it already painted in the store. This one has my personal touch to it, which you can't buy in a store.

I hope they are able to stay in business because I think they have an awesome concept going here. My sister and I started on our projects around 3, and we stayed until closing time - 6pm. In that 3 hour time span, so many people came in to look around, inquire about birthday parties, work on projects, finish projects, etc. I will definitely be going back. I found it very therapeutic, which is great for me these days.

I have had a better few days. It seems that when I have a "bad" week, a "good" (as I say, define "good") week follows. However, I can quickly feel my spirit beginning to lower as a few good days go by. It's inevitable that I will have bad days. I just take them in stride and let them come. I'm learning to live with grief and be okay with the way it affects me. I know it's okay to have bad days. And I know it's okay to have good days. I just take them as they come; it's all I can do.

Take a look at my first piece of painted pottery. I was happy with it, and I think I've found my "signature" for all future projects:

I chose a bowl - this is the inside. I got a little off with my polka dots, but it was trial and error, and it was my first time, so now I know how to fix it in the future...

The outside of my bowl
The bowl will be glazed and fired in a kiln and available for pickup in 4 days. I'll show you the finished product once I get it.

My "signature"



  1. You have a gift. The bowl is beautiful.

  2. Very cute! And the signature--it's perfect.

  3. Wow, that is spectacular! (I would never guess it was your first time) I had a similar experience making my painting. It really made me feel like I was "doing" something for Oliver and I felt like it was something I never would have been able to do before him.

  4. Nice bowl, love the colors. And I'm glad you found it a bit therapeutic as well. When my Amanda passed away, I turned to building mini-miniature dollhouses - 1/44" scale. I think having to concentrate on the detail of it gave me a release I needed at that time.

  5. Gorgeous piece. Love the butterfiles. I'm glad it was so therapeutic for you.

  6. Ooh, love that! Let me know next time you guys go--that sort of thing is my favorite stress-reducer.

  7. Beautiful Lindsay! Where is this place located? I would love to go check it out sometime! I'm continuing to pray for you Guys. I know it's difficult and of course any time a good week or day comes a bad will follow. That's Satan's work. He knows that if we are happy then HE isn't happy so he chooses to make us miserable. Of course with God on our sides the good days and weeks will continue to come. Satan will never win. He may think he is, but he will never conquer the God of the universe, who has us all in His hands =)

  8. What a neat shop! You did a great job on your bowl. It'll look even better once it has that glaze. Awesome!!

  9. Greenville had a place like that years ago, called the Fired Works Cafe. I have a gazillion pieces around the house that BOTH my 'talented husband' and I painted. They had 'date night' where you got buy one get one free sitting fees. LOVED that place, but then they got into beading, carried less and less pottery, moved to a fancier location, then went out of business. (They should have stuck with pottery.) I was very excited the day I saw that storefront, I said "LOOK NATE!" Of course, since then we haven't had time to go. Maybe you could organize a girls night out there and we could all go hang out there and maybe go to Panera or Starbucks after!

    Anyways, looks like yours are going to turn out beautifully. :)

  10. Oh my goodness, are you me years ago or what! I really got into pottery right after Grayson...
    I still love it but don't do it as much now (wish we lived closer because we would go!)but my signature was always "GSC" or sometimes I would just put "I love you Grayson", but it was always about him!!!

    You did a great job, it's beautiful!! I don't do that well, mine looks like a 6 year old did it, but I still love to do it. I have made Grayson several crosses for his spot.

    Gosh, you are making me want to go paint something...

    Thinking about you & love you - Kelley