For Better or Worse

6 years ago - June 13, 2003
Engagement photo

They look so hopeful. A lifetime ahead of them full of wonderful memories to be made.

Who knew they would be where they are today?

God knew they would need each other, especially now. He knew Ayden would be loved beyond measure by these two, so He sent Ayden to them knowing the heartache they would endure. It took them by suprise, but He knew; it was in His plan.

They don't understand His plan, nor do they particularly like what life has brought their way right now. But they are resolved to glorify God....even now. You ask why? how? for what reason?

Because even in the hard times, HE never forsakes us. Because HIS promise is greater than anything this world has to offer. Because HE saw fit to give them a beautiful son and HE saw fit to take him back before they were ready. Because HE has shown grace even in the midst of turmoil and anguish. Because HE understands their pain and His heart breaks along with theirs. Because HIS word promises no more sorrow, tears, pain.....

....and that they will see their beautiful little boy again.

What better hope and assurance is there?



  1. Ayden's Mom & Dad make such a beautiful couple. Anyone can look at pictures of the two of you and see the love, and know y'all are meant to be. Ayden has only known pure love.

    God does know what He's doing, even if we don't understand it...we will one day!! And yes, you will be with sweet Ayden again.

    Thinking about the three of you always - Kelley

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog today. I am touched by your sweet baby boy's story. My husband and I lost our 7 week old son also. He had down syndrome and a really bad heart condition. I remember holding him for the last time and knowing that God was promising me more children. At the time I felt a bit guilty, but I now know that God did give that to me.

    My heart breaks for you guys. It is so hard to go through the loss of a child. I will remember you in prayer over the coming months. I also know that God is good and that we will know Matthew exactly as were supposed to know him someday.

    We now have 2 more beautiful perfect little boys that are my life. God has a plan for you, lean on him and he will bring you through this to abundance.

    In Him, Jennifer

  3. When we make our vows, we are so excited and hopeful for the good, we can't even fathom the bad.

    I can't imagine what you are going through, but I am grateful for you that you have a God-centered marriage to depend on.

    Praying for you both!

  4. What a sweet picture.

    We have no idea what is ahead when we say those vows. I cannot imagine going through this life without someone that does not have faith and trust in Jesus.

    I am thankful tthat you and Jeremy have each other.

    Love you

  5. Hey Lindsay. I'm at the Women of Faith conference and I just wanted to pass along some encouragement (hopefully!) that one of the ladies shared today. She was talking about how everyone has those "where were you God?" things that they store away into a little "box" and don't talk about. In her discussion, she used the example of when Lazarus died and Jesus didn't come until afterward. She said that Mary and Martha were probably yelling at Jesus because he came too late. She also talked about the verse when Jesus wept. She said that Jesus/God feel the same hurt that we do. He also understands the hurt and anger that we feel. She said that it's ok to yell at God when we need to because he understands those feelings.

    I know that you've had those types of moments lately, and I just wanted to encourage you with knowing that God understands the hurt that you feel. He understands that you question things right now. It's ok to feel the way you do.

    We're still praying for you. I know we are a ways away now, but please let us know if you ever need anything. Stay strong and don't loose your faith.


    PS: Hopefully this all makes sense. It's late! :)