This poem was written by a mother who lost her infant daughter, Peyton. I have found a lot of comfort from her words, and I can relate to much of what she is going through. It has helped so much to find other mothers who are walking this journey as well...who know the pain and loss. I wish none of could relate with each other....it's not the best "club" to be in. But we're here...and we're here for each other.

I changed her poem so that it reflects our loss. I only had to change one word - I added "son" where she had "daughter". The poem reflects a lot of what I have been feeling lately. It completely puts it all into words. You can visit her blog here if you'd like to.

The sun rises,
cars pass,
bikes move,
people mill around,
shops open and close,
x's mark dates on the calendar,
the world continues turning,
but not for me child,
I stand still.
I am in limbo,
walking the line between what was,
and what is.
Between a life imagined,
and that which was realized.
Between youth,and age.
Between naive happiness,
and the pain of wisdom.
I try to understand.
I try to find answers.
It is a fruitless pursuit.
There are none.
Some call you an angel,
a tragedy,
a spirit,
a terrible thing that happened,
a victim of odds,
in a better place.
They have many so many labels for a life cut so short.
I just call you son.

~Kristin Binder



  1. I am touched that you found comfort in my words. Sending you prayers for strength.

  2. What a beautiful poem. I went to her blog and cried. My heart goes out to this family, Peyton is a beautiful baby.

    Even though I love God, I will forever ask WHY these sweet little babies are taken and parents are left with a huge hole in their heart.

    I guess when we are able to have that answer we won't care because we will be holding them again.

    Thinking and praying for y'all, love you Lindsay - Kelley

  3. Dear Lindsay,
    I read your blog almost daily although it is difficult as you share your heart with so much raw honesty and beauty. My husband and I have a 5 month old girl, and I my heart breaks for you as I grasp what I know is only a tiny sliver of the pain that you endure each moment of each day, missing your sweet boy. I wanted you to know though that I'm going to keep reading your blog and share in a small portion of the heartache because I, like so many others, want to help remember Ayden with you. I think of you and pray for you often.

    Remembering your sweet, beautiful Ayden tonight... Crying with you tonight... And praying for you tonight in Salt Lake City.