3rd post of the day....

I've been meaning to share this as well. Sorry it has taken so long, but it's hard for me to watch. I had to quickly copy the link then close the window. But, here it is - the video played at Ayden' Celebration Service:


If I knew how to embed it, I would so you wouldn't have to be taken to a new page.

Beautiful video - thanks David and Jordan - it was exactly what we wanted.


  1. Sorry about the audio Lindsay. I am still working on that. Love you guys and we are praying for you and Jeremy continually.

  2. What a handsome little guy. Thank you for sharing. Your friend is right, Ayden is making us all better parents. Praying.

  3. a beautiful, beautiful little boy! My Ethan is just a few days older than your Ayden. I'm very sorry for your loss but so very glad that you can see through the tears all the good things that God is doing with Ayden's life.

  4. You know, I once heard that God doesn't want just old people in heaven with Him, he also wants children to brighten his day. After viewing all the pictures of Ayden, I can definitely see God smiling with him. He is in the arms of his Father. I can see how you miss him so...what a sweet personality and smile. He knew he was loved and knows now that he still is. Still thinking of you and Jeremy daily since hearing of your loss. Kelly from NC