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I posted this on facebook in one of my stronger moments. It brings me encouragement and strengthens my heart a little. I'm posting it here for those who may not have seen it on facebook.

I got this from my former boss (I used to work at Lifeway Christian Store in Rocky Mount). It's from a John MacArthur sermon series called, "What Happens to Babies When They Die?" I've read the whole series and found comfort in much of it. I grappled with his belief that babies will not be infantile in Heaven - for instance, according to him Ayden would not be unable to walk since we won't have inhibitions in Heaven. I'm not sure where I stand on that, but I don't believe it really matters. Although I love the idea of having my "baby" again...in the grand scheme of things - it doesn't matter what he will look like...just that I'll be with him again. Oh how I miss that face...and those cheeks...and those sweet glances that expressed his love for me far more than words ever could. One day.....

Here is the post:

In the low moments, I forget the grace of God. In my human weakness, I rely on my own understanding. However, when I feel enveloped in His arms, I find comfort in the following words from John MacArthur:

So, when an infant dies, he or she is elect to eternal salvation and eternal glory. So dear one, if you have a little one that dies, rejoice. Count not your human loss, count your eternal gain. Count not that child as having lost, but having gained, having passed briefly through this life untouched by the wicked world only to enter into eternal glory and grace. The true sadness should be over those children of yours who live and reject the gospel. Don't sorrow over your children in heaven, sorrow over your children on earth that they should come to Christ. This is your great responsibility, your great opportunity.

I pray that God reminds me of this every day. I cry for myself because I selfishly want Ayden here, but I should rejoice that he is in Heaven....experiencing glory....and not missing this world one bit. Wish I was there with him....

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