Ayden's name...

When we named Ayden, we didn't get too complex with the naming - researching name meanings...searching for the perfect name and meaning for our child...no. Ayden is a name I have loved for a long time (yes, before I even knew Ayden, NC existed!). Everyone was spelling it Aiden or Aidan. I didn't like those - phonetically, they didn't work for me. It made more sense as Ayden, so that's that. Brooks is Jeremy's middle name. From the moment we started dating and felt pretty sure we would be together forever (day one for me...for him....??), I knew that if we ever had a son, he would share a name with his dad. Jeremy didn't like Jeremiah, so I went with Brooks, which I love....I loved Jeremy's name because of his middle name....so it works. And Jones...well, that's common sense.

A friend of mine asked what Ayden's name meant. I honestly wasn't sure.... So, when I looked it up it said: little fire and that the name Ayden is a varient of Eden. Immediately, metaphors popped into my head and my friend's as well.

Eden - God's garden - his perfect place. Protected from tainting; innocent.
Little fire: inspiration, a spark to light a flame

Ayden fits all of that. He is in God's perfect place, he is protected from tainting, and as a child he is innocent. He has inspired and touched many - been that little spark to light a flame in someone's life....a true inspiration.

Wow. Next time, we'll tie all of this in with what Brooks means and be even more blown away!


  1. I have been meaning to tell you, I love Ayden's name! Thanks for sharing the meaning behind it.


  2. Wow Lindsay, that is incredible! I got chills. I sure do miss Ayden, but I can't imagine the magnitude of which you must miss him. He's just a little HAM. His personality is exploding! Just imagine that little fella giggling and making those dimply, cheeky smiles at all the faces he sees!! I really love Ayden, Lindsey. From the pictures that began to show his bright personality, to the giggling clip, to the spit up clip (that vid clip is priceless. BTW, they all are) I just feel love for him. I love you and Jeremy to as brothers and sisters in Christ. I will not forget you and Jeremy, or Ayden! I can't wait to get to heaven and see that little fella myself. So, I do want to visit soon. I pretty much know about where y'all live b/c I got your address. Nothing is off limits. I know y'all don't know me that well, especially Jeremy, but I don't want y'all to feel awkward around me. I want to talk about Ayden and what yall are feeling. You can break down and cry, I'll cry and pray with you. Just whatever happens will happen. I want to be there for y'all... an extra person on board to support you. God has put it on my heart<3

    Love, Lauren

  3. wow.... coincidence that his name is Ayden Brooks? Definitely not :)

  4. man that is really cool that you never knew that but now it makes sense. I'm so glad you have somewhere to write about all the things you are thinking and feeling. And that we can read it and pray for specific things. I love you Lindsay, I think that God is so proud of you for the way that you love.
    ~Lindsey Blanchard

  5. Hi Lindsay - I read your blog for the first time today while browsing another blog. I love children and enjoy reading the stories that parents post on the web to share with family and friends. I don't really know what to say but here goes: You and Jeremy are an inspiration to everyone...to those who have lost their child and especially to Christians. Your faith in God during this tragic time is truly inspirational. So many times we ask God why He allows bad things to happen to us...to those that are faithful to Him. He has a purpose for everything. And now, the faith that you still have for Him after all of this......it's inspirational. (I just love that word, can you tell?) You and Jeremy are in my prayers....continue to blog...let us know how you're both doing. The picture you have of Ayden at the top of this blog, is beautiful! He's so handsome!

    Love in Christ,
    from Columbia, NC